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Towards the Within

Sometimes the further you distance yourself,

the closer you are to the truth.


What starts out as a simple trip around India soon becomes a psychological journey into the darkness of Sam’s past. One he knows there's no running from.

When Sam decides to give up his mundane life and travel to India he has no idea what he'll do when he gets there and it isn't long before his lack of preparation takes its toll.


Vulnerable and alone, Sam is haunted by memories of his childhood and as he struggles to make sense of the pain he has suffered he follows a dangerous path that has devastating consequences.

Towards the Within tells the story of Sam, a young man who embarks on a journey to India to escape his normal life in England. It could have been anywhere, but the mystique of Asia and India in particular attracted Sam who was looking for a new adventure. 

Throughout the trip Sam is confronted by memories of his childhood and for the first time he tackles past relationships in order to try and understand the anxiety and depression that has followed him into his adult life. 

As he comes to terms with his old life and looks forward to a new beginning, an unexpected enemy is revealed and Sam is left with a difficult choice to make.

Available in Hardcover, Paperback and ebook from Amazon




Towards the Within - Reece Willis - book genre travel psychological literary fiction
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