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What We Become

She was everything he could have wanted. From the moment she came into his life, she captured his heart and turned his world upside down.


Now that she’s gone, he can’t live without her.


When Ben falls in love with Kirsten he believes he's on the brink of true happiness. He works hard to create a secure life for them and when their baby daughter arrives, Ben thinks his world is complete.


But then Kirsten reveals a darker side that leaves him mentally and emotionally broken.


Desperate for resolution, Ben follows her to Thailand. He has a plan, but Kirsten is one step ahead and his pursuit of her only leads him down a darker path. His mind is in turmoil, plagued by memories of happier times, unable to come to terms with what he’s lost.


How far will he go for the one he loves?

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What We Become - Reece Willis - book genre travel psychological literary fiction
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