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What People Are Saying About Towards the Within

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

A special thank you to all those who have purchased, reviewed and supported Towards the Within. I've been overwhelmed by what's been said about the book and I would like to share some of the reviews with you.

Towards The Within is available now in paperback and on Amazon Kindle

Towards The Within is available from Amazon

Beautiful writing

I never write reviews...but I read constantly and can easily get bored with the same tired story lines. Not with this book! The descriptive writing draws you right into the crowded bus whilst careening across exquisite Indian landscapes. Sam's journey is life altering and personally insightful. One of the best books I've read in a long time.

- Betty Jo McCabe, Amazon 5/5

It was amazing

I really enjoyed this book. The descriptions of the sights of India both beautiful and tragic were vivid. This was not only a physical journey but as the title implies a spiritual journey as Sam faces and comes to terms with his inner demons helped by the people he meets along the way. I was sorry this book ended I wanted to see where Sam went next and I look forward to reading more from this author.

- Susan Peace, Goodreads 5/5

Hands-on trip to India

I LOVED this book! It contained shades of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and of magical realism. The writing was exquisite! While I was reading the book, I felt that I was right there with Sam, experiencing a fascinating trip through India, experiencing and learning from a very different culture than my own. The ending was unexpected, but brilliant, and obviously tells us that there will be a sequel. Soon, I hope!

- Karol King, Amazon 5/5

Such an amazing book 👍🏻🤩 The description of people and places, the development of Sam’s story and the kindness and sincerity of so many people with so little. 😊 Thank you Reece Willis, a wonderful book. I read a lot and I loved this. Such a reminder of the big world out there and the kindness of people. Just what I needed... One of those books that you can’t wait to reach the end but also don’t want it to finish! I hope it gets the accolade and readership it deserves.

- Rachel Connell, Facebook

I have just finished this powerful book. I am feeling bereft, I feel I have just left India, a country I am so fond of. I can absolutely say this is about the best book I have read for a long time. You absolutely got the feeling of India, good and bad. I am looking forward to reading another of your books.

- Cathy Morell, Via Website

I loved your book, in fact I cried when I finished it, which for me is unusual. It really does take you to places emotionally and makes you feel that you are in India - brilliant, brilliant book. I know I will read this one again.

- Eileen Nichol, Instagram

Sobering yet enjoyable

I’m not sure what lead me to choose this book to read, but I am glad that I did. It’s a story like no other I have read. Sam has a tortured soul but is such a decent human being that I found myself really invested in his story. I hope you will give it a try. It is well worth your time.

- Teddy’s Mom, Amazon 5/5

One of the best books about travelling India I have read. It really captures the sights, the smells, the emotions and the beauty of that incredible country. I couldn't put the book down; first class.

- Stephen Cox, Goodreads 5/5

Once I had finished reading this story I was quite sad as it is a wonderfully written story that takes you along with it and makes you almost feel you are there, dealing with all manner of situations past and present.

- Linnie Burnham, Facebook

Beautiful book

I'm not sure how to describe this novel except that it is beautiful in so many ways! It also became fearful to me in ways I could not relate as my upbringing was basically happy. India seems like a frustrating country until you realise your control of so much is so limited which is something we all must try to learn early on no matter where we're from. I'm very pleased I read this novel. I hope I remember to keep my mind more open since I feel this book taught me how important it is. Both good and bad! I wasn't sure it was a book I would enjoy but I couldn't put it down. Don't miss this wonderful read. With an ending so unexpected I basically gasped. The protagonist kind of became my hero! I loved it!

- Cmac, Amazon 5/5

I just finished this book and I have to tell you it is one of the best books I have ever read, and believe me I have read many, many books! I look forward now to your next one. Thank you.

- Dorothy Farquhar, Via Website

An exciting and interesting read

A great read from start to finish. Gave me a great insight as to what I can expect from a trip to India for myself. As well as an interesting story behind Sam’s life both before and in India. Would definitely recommend.

- Kurtis, Amazon 5/5

So atmospheric and always that edginess both in the places but also in and around the protagonist. Terrific! Reece's love and understanding of India with all its complexities and paradoxes was a perfect backdrop for Sam's actual and spiritual journey.

- Tamsen Courtenay, Instagram

A Wonderful Read

This book really warmed my heart. I have never been to India but I could not put this book down. Such an honest and raw account of travel, friendship, love and adventure. Loved it. Thank you.

- Lisa Carroll, Amazon 5/5

Loved this book, I couldn't put it down! I could so identify with the accounts of some places I'd also visited. It had me captured, it was like I was on the journey. I could visualise it all and many other places too!

I've just bought What we Become now to read over my holiday period and will enjoy this a lot, I'm sure, after reading the first 2 pages immediately I got it! I know Thailand too so I'm looking forward to reading this as I love how you bring everything to life.

- Anne Powell, Facebook

Beautifully written

I could feel every physical and emotional breath he took. Heart breaking, adventurous and written from the soul.

- Geri, Amazon 5/5

This is a fantastic book, love the travel. I related to most of the book. I would go now if I could.

- Tansy Holland, Facebook

I love India and this is an up close look at what it is like to travel that intriguing country

I didn't want this book to end. Reece did a great job of telling his story. He met some fascinating people, made deep friendships, overcame his fears to experience new exciting things and then wrote beautifully about it. I love India and this journey of his just warmed my heart. I was sad when it came to an end. Highly recommend it for those who love an honest story.

- Victoria S. Schmidt, Amazon 5/5

Brilliant book, I’ve been to many of the places in India mentioned in the book and the descriptions took me right back there.

- Sue Gould, Facebook

Just loose yourself in this book it’s amazing

Absolutely wonderful book. I enjoyed every page. It’s very well written and you feel you are on the journey with Sam. Thanks to the author for writing very special story.

- Diana Lees, Amazon 5/5

One of the best books I've read in a long time! The author nailed what it's like to travel India independently. What was so good about this, was the back story weaved in and out of the protagonist's travels, leaving the reader hooked for the conclusion. The characters felt real and the writing was reflective and thought provoking.

- Daniel Parker, Goodreads 5/5

Glad I purchased this book

Never been much for reading books. But after reading the reviews on this one I purchased it. I'm so glad I did I can't put it down.

- Kevin Abbott, Amazon 5/5

Have read this book on my Kindle and enjoyed it from beginning to end, it brought back memories of this amazing country and its lovely people. Thank you, please write more!

- Sandra Robinson, Facebook

Reece Willis captures India with a sensitivity and care she deserves. His very personal style kept me turning back to the book and I had finished it within a few days including some late night sessions.

Towards the Within reveals the inner works we are encouraged to do without coming across preachy or pushy. Reece lets the reader join the dots of his journey back to self. Stimulating feelings and thoughts to be attended to within the reader.

It is an adventure and a journey, with love presenting itself throughout the book in her many forms, just like India, not one thing, not another.

I will be recommending this book to anyone considering India, or anyone looking to understand the gentle unpacking of our self that life invites.

As someone who loves and visits India, Reece brings back vivid memories, colors, smells, and of course reveals India’s heart in her people.

- Jonathan Spark, Goodreads 5/5

I travelled with Mr Sam!

Sam embarks on a journey through India to find himself so to speak, but he doesn't know it as he began his tour of several regions round the country.

Alongside the places he travels to, visits and stays at he will meet several travellers which will help Sam to question the real reasons of his trip to India. Sam is very loyal and genuine with his new travellers friends from all over the world but at the same time built friendly relationships with the locals too.

I really liked Sam and was moved by his story and beautiful !manners and character.

The author takes you on a unforgettable journey and must be very familiar with the country, his people, culture, history and traditions.

I strongly recommend the book as you will embark on a trip you're not about to forget.

- Carole B, Amazon 5/5

Oh my goodness, I just finished this amazing book. I loved how Sam grows throughout his journey. I also love all the amazing characters he meets along the way. Thank you so much for writing this story Reece, I couldn't wait for reading time each day. Just sad that I am finished.

- Kathy Richards, Facebook

I came across this book purely by accident and found it really easy to read. There is a lot going on from the start which I liked and I felt like the pace was good throughout. The book itself reflects the often unpredictable nature of travelling, I had no idea what was going to happen next and I thought this was really refreshing. One of my favourite elements was the characters, there were quite a few but I warmed to them all very quickly including of course, Sam. He is by no means the perfect traveller, but that’s what makes him ‘real’.

- Charlotte, Goodreads 5/5

I have just finished reading this brilliant book and loved the journey of self discovery. Many of us have ghosts from our past and we learn from being with others both good and bad, that we can move forward and discover a better route. Also having been to India I felt this book highlighted the beauty and sadly the ugly side of a challenging country. I would go again if I could.

- Maggie Playle, Facebook

It's the unexpected incidents or a turnaround in the itinerary that teaches us not to dread the unknown, but to accept and enjoy its surprises. Thanks Sam, for this wonderful trip to India.

The author writes with love and passion and really captures the spirit of traveling. Touches the traveller's soul. I like his detailed style of writing. I also appreciate his courage to speak about emotional scars since early childhood. In all a deeply touching story and a perfect companion in times like these. Friendship. Challenge. Adventure. Insight. Healing. Hospitality. Love. What else could you ask for? Recommended! Now I am looking forward to reading his second book.

- Yvonne Oschmann, Instagram

Just finished this book yesterday. It was a wonderful read, I was transported to India in every page. Really enjoyed it.

- Judith Cope, Facebook

An adventurous and believable traveler

I enjoyed reading Reece Willis' book. It is a travel adventure with a physiological twist that is above the average story line. He writes in first person, so his reflections and memories of a difficult childhood felt so real that I felt he was actually writing his own memoir while traveling around India. An excellent read if you want to get away from the everyday North American story plots.

- Lo, Kobo 5/5

I read this book 3 or 4 weeks ago, I really enjoyed it. I'm 63 and never went travelling when I was younger. After finishing this, I really wish I had. It's a great read, thank you.

- Rob Clarke, Facebook


What an absolutely amazing book! My son has recently travelled in India and it was lovely to picture some of the places Sam travelled to and I had seen photos of. Read in three days could not put it down and loved so many of the characters.

- Layla, Amazon 5/5

Loved reading this and looked up all the places you described in my iPad! Amazing! Feel like I went with Sam!

- Gay Jenkinson, Facebook

Just loved this book. It has inspired me to travel India. I want to discover the north of India now.

- pennyokelly, Instagram

I actually devoured the book. It covered many of the places I had been to in India over many years and brought back so many memories of the way you meet people and bond instantly with some of them, travel together for a few days and have adventures together, some scary ones too. I’ll wait a year and the read it again as it’s like an old friend now. Thanks for writing it! x

- Maureen Kennoy, Facebook


Highly recommend this book, I didn't want to put it down, wonderful story it made you feel you were actually in India. Reece Willis is a wonderful author.

- Mrs K.A.Ridings, Amazon 5/5

Just finished this book. Enjoyed it so much from the first page to the last. Really enjoyed the characters and their stories. Thank you.

- Cathy Mounjia, Facebook

Enjoying reading

Loved the descriptive narrative of this book. Made me want to be there with Sam. Really enjoyed the history pieces.

- Amazon Customer, Amazon 5/5

A wonderfully written book. Couldn't put it down!

- Tanya Mankoo-Flatt, Facebook

Wow! A fab read

This is a very good book. Sam travelled a large part of India and experienced so much. I found myself looking up places and sites he mentioned. Truly amazing, particularly the Ellora Caves. A sad (but also hopeful) ending. Absolutely loved it. The author was very badly treated as a child by his own family members and was on a journey of self-worth/discovery. I would like to acknowledge the author for having such a kind heart and of being so understanding of the battle to stay alive for many people in India. An amazing bloke. Would recommend this book highly.

- Kay Casey, Amazon 5/5

Really enjoyed the book. Never been to India but feel like I have now. Amazing journey. Loved it!

- Sandra Sanderson, Facebook

This book is a keeper. It reflected many of my own experiences in India.

- Penny Han, Facebook

39 years ago I got off a plane in Delhi and found my way to my accommodation. The first two pages of the book took me right back there, the description of the noise, confusion and smell !

I loved traveling with Sam and for anyone who has not been to India the people truly are very friendly and the poverty and disabilities very real. A great read.

- Diane Badham, Goodreads 5/5

Loved this book, I’ve been to India and this makes me want to go back even more than I did already.

- Kevin York, Facebook

I love this book. The best book I've read and the best book ever about India.

- julie_awest, Instagram

After returning from India at the end of January, this book was given to me as a gift for my 25th birthday in February. I was missing India dearly and processing memories from my trip; I then began reading Towards the Within. Reece's journey in India fell in similar areas with mine and I'm sure many others. His description of smells, tastes, sounds and sights; from mountains, to lakes, to locals, to other humans who are living in everyday presence. It reminds us of the anticipated connections that we FEEL! Reece took us on a journey of healing and how he made sense of childhood memories, which can be very foggy for us all at times. He softly articulates the journey of healing; present moments of Mother India and his surrounding environment. To then, flashback to past memories, which he gave the reader in due time. I think that many of us can resonate with Reece's story and I thank him for helping us make sense of such memories. Thank you for taking the care to tell a tale of the darkness and the light of this beautiful, precious country, and this precious life.

- Emily Smith, Facebook

Loved reading, such a great book. I could imagine myself doing all the things in the book.

- Teresa Jackman, Facebook

It was amazing

I have been transported through India with Sam's story, the description of the places were brilliant. Will be looking out for more books by this author. Really enjoyed.

- Theresa Evans, Goodreads 5/5

Totally enjoyed revisiting India with your book. My first trip was completely overwhelming. Within a year I returned with a completely different mindset. Loved reading about Sam's journey.

- Sue Harshbarger, Facebook

A man and his journey toward self discovery

This was an amazing book of a man on a journey of self discovery set in India. I could not put it down as the author took us on an adventure that unfolded the great wonders of this country. Along the way the main character, Sam, aided by new found friends and the kindness of the Indian people, slowly began to find his true self. The book is a captivating read with an ending that will surprise and amaze.

- William R. Stewart, Amazon 5/5

Really enjoying this and recommended widely to friends. Transported me back to India and charts all the highs, lows and transformative experiences of travelling.

- Clare Colton, Facebook

Sam a young man searching for life’s answers travels to India on a spiritual journey. The beauty of India the mountains the shrines the people provide a lovely backdrop for his quest. A lyrically written magical novel.

- Rhonda Lomazow, Goodreads 5/5

I have just finished your book and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my journey through India. Not only was it a journey of self discovery but a geography and history lesson too.

- Suzanne Mizra, Facebook

Eloquent travel story, much enjoyed

Well written, nice subtext, makes me wish I could see India. Surprisingly not boring. Very good read. I wonder what happens next.

- CandygramR, Amazon 5/5

Loved this book. Felt I was in India with Sam. Makes me think about returning.

- Val Walker, Facebook

I just love this book. It’s very spiritual and pleasing. Very descriptive as well. I’m just melting into it. Have also looked up some music which the author writes about.

- Leslie, Goodreads 5/5

Finished this book and have enjoyed every page. Brought back so many memories. Thank you for this book, it was so real!

- Jane Froggatt, Facebook

Excellent book

I really enjoyed reading this book. The story was deep and reflective, but the travel detail was amazing and I really felt like I was part of the story.

- Pingpong, Kobo 5/5

Loved What We Become and especially loved Towards the Within. Hope you write more great books... When I read Towards the Within my son and his girlfriend had recently returned from a two month trip to India and I recognised places in the book that they had visited.

- Dawney Mint, Facebook


I have only just started reading this book but I can't put it down. It's pacey and easy reading and if you've never been to India this book will take you there. Obviously as I'm only a short way in it's difficult to leave a comprehensive review but so far so good. In fact I have not enjoyed a book so much in years as this one. If you want a novel that is not heavy going but constantly on the move and an easy read then I would suggest you give it a go. I will certainly be reading his other book after this one.

- Joan Devine, Amazon 5/5

Just finished it a couple of days ago. Brought it with me for my India trip and it was perfect reading in regards to my holiday, particularly when it started with Delhi. The author explained in detail about the whole diversity of India - very well written.

- Anupa Shah, Facebook

An engrossing story about a young man on a journey of self discovery. Sam is a very interesting character who has been unsure of himself, but desperately needs an adventure. He travels to India, where he meets people good and bad, roams extensively and becomes the person he is meant to be. Side benefit, the story enlightened me about India and its people.

- Monica, Amazon 5/5

I'm reading this at the moment. It's a great read and is transporting me back to my own trip to India. Love it!!!

- Charmaine Allen, Facebook

A Story Cross Travel Guide!

I really enjoyed this book, it's a cross between a story and travel guide and you find yourself tracking the adventure yourself on Google maps! (Or any other a available navigation system). It took me a while to get into it, but then I was gripped and couldn't put it down. I really want to go to India now.

- Amazon Customer, Amazon 5/5

Got so lost in the experience of India reading this book... no need to visit now.

- Sarah Roughsedge, Facebook

I read this book by chance, I felt like a change from my usual choice. A lover of cryptic crosswords, I was intrigued by the title which could have a number of meanings. Once started I was hooked & thoroughly enjoyed travelling with Sam in India, sharing his highs & lows & sometimes downright dangerous experiences. It gradually became evident why he had undertaken his journey & his past returned at times to torment him, which I found rather emotional. It was a good, easy read, with imaginable descriptions of this fascinating country & it's people & I was sorry when it came to the end.

- Ann, Goodreads 4/5

I’ve just finished Towards the Within and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was in Rajasthan in January. I could identify with the story. I’m now about to start your next book What We Become.

- Val Porter, Facebook

This kept me engaged throughout

I found this book flowed and kept me engaged throughout. You are carried through a fascinating and informative account of India as the main character Sam journeys to various cities making friends along the way. He faces many challenges as he travels but his biggest challenge is to come to terms with his past. Recommended read.

- T Macdonald, Amazon 5/5

Amazing! Got 10 chapters or so left, feels like I'm in India. Learnt so much, please keep writing. Buy this book people, I adore reading it!

- Siobhan Welton, Facebook

Really enjoyed this book. I felt that I was travelling with him, it described everything in such detail. Thank you.

- Dawn Stamp, Amazon 5/5

I've just finished Towards the Within. At first I didn't think I wanted to read it; I've never been to India, knowing perhaps that I would never cope with the heat, the dirt, the crowds, the beggars. Then I just got drawn in and enjoyed it so much, feeling horribly anxious for Sam at times and dreading what might befall him. It's a beautiful book, thank you so much.

- Marlyn Donovan, Facebook

This was the story of a young man visiting India, exploring this foreign country and finding himself in the process. It is beautifully written, and descriptions of monuments and scenery were lyrical, making one want to visit this country. I read this book in one day, enjoying every page.

- Judith Hantl, Goodreads 5/5

I have just finished reading Towards the Within. I enjoyed every page. Having visited India twice, once to Kerala and a tour of Rajasthan, your vivid descriptions of India, sights, sounds, smells, food and especially people, brought back so many memories of wonderful India.

- Ann Morley, Facebook

Congratulations this book is great. The more you read the better it gets. Thank you.

- Cristian Pereto-revill, Facebook

Wonderful reading

I really enjoyed this book. Anyone interested in India would appreciate it. Lovely description of various parts of India and her people.

- Patrick, Amazon 5/5

Loved this book! India lays her dark and jewelled hand upon those she loves they say and she surely does on this writer. The sounds of India in a book.

- Crena Hancock, Facebook

Do yourself a favour

I went along on this journey with Sam and I recommend you do too. Just sorry it had to end.

- Debra H, Amazon 5/5

Loved this book, it was nice to read something different. Looking forward to the next book.

- Andrea Bellamy, Facebook

Travel journal with heart

I really enjoyed the many characters and the many places he went. I could smell the food, hear the noise, see the beautiful saris. It made me remember my trip to India and the wonder which is India.

- RR Winge, Amazon 5/5

Just finished this book, interesting enjoyable read, good detail and well written.

- Julie Westlake, Facebook

Felt like I'd been there myself

I don't like heat, I hate filth, I can't deal with poverty, there is no way I could travel India, but reading this book made me realise that there is much more to India. The camaraderie is always the greatest gift of travel, friendships of individuals, there is always goodness somewhere. A very enjoyable read.

- Waggy From Derby, Amazon 5/5

I have just finished this book and loved it. India is on my list and this book is so descriptive from the scenery to the food that I felt like I was there and of course it follows a character's personal journey which I love!

- Clair Hyde, Facebook

It was amazing

I loved this book. When unexpected things happen, and you find yourself.

- Manuela Brunetti, Goodreads 5/5

Excellent, thank you! The best book I've read in a long time.

- Angella Karim, Facebook

A Journey of the mind and the heart

It certainly is more than just entertaining, it shares with us dozens of examples of how hard and heartless life can be, but it does let hope and joy overcome despair.

- Auston L. Middletonon, Amazon 5/5

Loved reading this. It's such a good book and so honest. I didn't want it to end. So inspired to travel to India now.

- Sandra Boshell, Facebook


This is the chronicle of a young man's journey through India and so much more. I couldn't put this down once I started reading it. The world's most breath taking mountains and beautiful shrines surrounded by abject poverty and terribly crippled beggars. He eventually makes friends, both tourist and Indians, and masters the way to travel in different areas of the country, helping fellow tourist by the end of the book.

What adds another dimension to this book is that throughout it is peppered with the stories of the author and the people he meets.

This is an interesting book on many levels. The author witnesses the violence in Kashmir that has crippled the city. He is physically attacked and turned away because of his race in several locations. But it seems this rejection and physical violence that reawakens his inner demons and allows him to come to terms with them in a more manageable way.

- Jean VanWyk, Goodreads 5/5

A very interesting book

This book was about a man taking time to visit India and the adventures he had - both good and bad. Many times I just wanted to tell him to please leave India and go back home, other times I was riveted by his description of the countryside, the people, and the food. I did enjoy the book and it really gives insight about the horror and beauty of this country and its' people. His adventure did help him to remember and work through some very bad things in his childhood that he had pushed so far back in his mind. But they began to resurface and he finally dealt with these issues. Very interesting and lots of history too.

- Sandra Staton, Amazon 4/5


Towards The Within is available now at Amazon

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