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Towards the Within - One Year Anniversary

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

30 July 2019 marked the one year anniversary since the release of Towards the Within. It's been an amazing year, one I could never have imagined when I began writing the book six years ago. When the conception of the plot took place, I could have only wished to see the first draft of the manuscript completed, mind about it being produced into the form of a real book. But everything I dreamt of materialised, gradually unfolding year by year as the final story was sealed by each chapter, edited and released to the world.

Like all new writers, I sat in wait with baited breath to see how my audience would react and the reception the book would receive. As 2018 ended, the sales continued to escalate, along with the positive reviews, and by the beginning of 2020, it had ranked in the Amazon US Top 20 Biographical Fiction charts and the Amazon UK Travel Adventure Fiction and Biographical Literary Fiction Top 10.

There is nothing more special than working hard on something like this and readers enjoying what I've written, and in some cases, being genuinely affected by my words. It's been a very special time of my life, one I will hold as a treasured memory forever.

I am extremely thankful to all those who purchased, supported and reviewed the book. I would also like to express my deepest thanks to everyone at Worldworx Publishing for making it all happen.

The future looks great. Not only does Towards the Within continue to sell well, and is constantly received with positive attention, I am on the verge of releasing my second book. I'll look forward to delivering more news of the title, synopsis and release date very soon.

Towards The Within is available now in paperback and on Amazon Kindle

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